Bathroom design

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The bathroom can be considered the most expensive premises for financial costs and invested work.

First select furniture, location of plumbing. The selection of tiles depends on this. Each owner has his own ideas about the appearance of the bathroom (texture, color, design). Based on this, you can choose tiles, plumbing devices and so on.

In a small bathroom area, tiles with a large pattern and bulky furniture will look awkwardly. In addition to tiles, you can make a mosaic. The tile can be glued across and along. The main thing is that everything is in moderation.

In the bathroom you need to place different shelves or boxes (closed or open). Determine the place for robes, towels. Place the towels on a towel. Clothing – on the bracket attached to the wall or elegant hooks. The main thing is that they are moisture resistant and environmentally harmful.

Some in the bathroom, instead of a bath, set a shower with a deep pallet. It’s comfortable. Podium can decorate the bathroom well. A podium is needed if the bathroom room is quite large and the sewer riser is at a sufficient distance. Sometimes the podium is installed in order to easily get from the bathroom.

Sometimes a drywall is installed under the bathroom, which is faced with mosaics, or tiles.

Plumbing equipment is selected in the same style. If you doubt what design to use in the bathroom, refer to specialists – designers.

When choosing plumbing, pay attention not only to the appearance of the mixer, shower, but also to qualitative characteristics. See who is the manufacturer. Chinese plumbing devices cause a lot of complaints. They are much cheaper, but you will have to change after some time. They are short -lived.

Baths today can not only change the whole. Modern industry has come up with special lodges from high-strength acrylic. It is convenient and do not fool your head, how to break the old bath. It is enough to put a bathtub and bring a siphon under it.

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