Basin care in the country

Well, which of us would not want to have a pool in our yard? In summer, such a structure gives many pleasant minutes, helps to relax, saves from the heat, and for children it is generally a bunch of emotions and impressions!

But not everyone can afford a large stationary pool, there is no need to talk about winter. But almost everyone can acquire the so -called frame or inflatable pool. This statement is true of course, if you have a place to install the pool.

But only to purchase and install the pool will not be enough. During operation, you will certainly have to encounter such a procedure as maintenance for frame pools. After all, just once filling with water the pool does not mean that you will enjoy its operation all season.


To fill your pool with water, you need to give preference to water water. Even if there is a reservoir in proximity, the water from it will never be cleaner than from the water supply, since at least some cleaning is the latter, it still passes. The use of filters in the pool provides the purity of water in the pool for a long period, and also prevents water from flowering. It is possible to use various chemicals for disinfecting water. In this case, one should strictly adhere to recommendations for the use of these chemicals. Particular attention should be paid to the dosage of the latter. To maintain normal acid-base balance in the pool, various special drugs are also used. Some of them allow you to increase it, others to lower.


An event such as leaving a summer cottage is unlikely to do without a procedure as manual cleaning. For these purposes, various devices can be used: nets, scrapers, etc.P. With the help of such a simple tool, you can delete different extraneous objects from the pool, as well as leaves or plaque. When caring for a street basin, it is necessary to constantly feed with fresh water. This operation can be easily automated by using a float valve. As a result, the water level in the pool will be constant, despite the intensity of your splashing in it. Hygienic norms require that the exchange of water is carried out in a volume of at least 50-70 liters. for each person taking water procedures.

If your pool is intensively operated in the season, it is recommended to periodically drain the water from it, with its subsequent replacement. Before filling the pool with fresh water, still wet walls should be washed well and wipe with a disinfectant and detergent solution.

By caring for the pool in the country, you can also use devices such as ozonators, as well as special irradiators with ultraviolet rays. If the pool is not supposed to be used for a long time, it will be advisable to cover it with a special cover. This will prevent the fall into the water of leaves and garbage introduced by the wind. Caring for the pool, you can protect yourself and your loved ones, and the pool itself will give you a lot of joy and minutes of pleasure!

Video about modern methods of basement care

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