Available and luxurious stone baths

Articles about traditional types of baths overwhelm the Internet, so every second one knows how the acrylic bath differs from cast iron or steel, and what are the advantages of all these plumbing options. Nevertheless, now the market is actively beginning to fill the types of baths that are not so familiar to us. For example, stone baths.

Stone baths have not yet replaced standard baths from the market, but they are already quite popular.

The bath provides the basis for the interior of the rest of the bathroom. How not to turn, but if the bath is at the head, then it should be guided by it. With the help of stone baths today make up an interiors of a luxurious type, because the type of this material has exactly this. Still, no matter what classic an acrylic bathtub is, it will not be easy in an interior filled with stone and precious finish.

It is believed that in the acrylic bath is more convenient than in a cast -iron bath in terms of sensations of body contact with the material. It would be logical to assume that the stone is closer in this characteristic to the cast iron, since both materials are quite solid and heavy. However, speaking of stone, people usually note its softness and pleasant textile sensations in warm water.

But these are subjective sensations of users who can be taken into account, but can not be taken into account when choosing a bath (because everyone has their own preferences and their own feelings). But there are qualities of stone baths that are objective.

Firstly, the stone bath is durable. The material is durable and will serve the owner of the house for a long time faith and truth. Unfortunately, the time will come when you find a crack on the surface, but you will not need to worry, because the repair of stone baths is not only real, it is quite simple.

Secondly, the stone retains heat. Many people believe that stone baths are uncomfortable and it is cold in them. However, they are not only comfortable in this regard, but also useful. Having collected water into a stone bath, you can lie in it longer than in a regular bath, because the water will cool longer and you will not have to dilute it with new hot water. In other words, for those who like to “warm the bones” in hot water, such an option is ideal.

The third paragraph has a plus and minus. The fact is that a bath of stone really needs to be washed periodically so that it remains beautiful and durable for a long time. But the plus is that washing a stone is easier than acrylic, cast iron or steel. It is really very easy to wash.

Stone baths are usually quite deep, but this is already a matter of design and style that you yourself will choose. It is also worth considering that the stones are different and some of the properties of the baths also depend on them. There are artificial stones, there are natural. It happens that the baths are not poured from stone, but cut out in stone (but this type of bath is considered designer, so such options are very expensive).

The disadvantages of a stone bath should also be taken into account. The bath is dear and not many will be able to afford it. But a bath of artificial stone is quite affordable in price – it can cost 23-40 thousand rubles, so these are not the options that are in the top luxury.

And do not forget to take into account that the bath is very heavy.

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