Aspects of the elite design of an apartment in a big city like Moscow or New York

Hot trends of elite home decor for 2017. For those who want to keep abreast or are ready to order an elite design of an apartment project in Moscow.

one. Neutral color meets saturated shades

The famous Pantone Institute called Greeneri’s color as trends for this year (a green-yellow shade that originates in the environmental palette), and popular designers will not argue with this trend. But they believe that this shade needs to be diluted with stray shades, cabbage flowers, hazelnuts and warm skin tints, and then “throw” the elements of Lapisto-blue into the interior, the colors of bright precious stones and flame, including fiery orange.

2. Metals mixing

Think about brass and chrome, silver and polished nickel, antique brass and oily bronze. A surge of metals mixtures in the interior still indicates the popularity of industrial interiors and love of people for minimalist design. But in elite interiors, in contrast to the interiors of the hipster type, preference is given to antique metal products, such as ar-decapitors from brass or metal vases that have historical value. Designers also often mix various types of decoration from the same precious metal, for example, matte gold and metal gold. It works especially well in kitchens.

3. Comparison of various styles in overall objects

For example, a sofa with linen upholstery on a frame made of natural wood with jewelry made of industrial metal and pillow with modern cacti patterns, as well as an artificial eco-mechanical blanket. A comparison of various styles in one element has a great influence on the room, and is a very complex design work. As a rule, a piece of furniture of this type is made to order with a popular furniture designer or an interior designer makes it himself (or according to his drawings, he is created by hired furniture manufacturers).

four. Terracotta tiles and cork

These are not entirely new materials and far from elite, but natural, relevant in our time and focusing on themselves. Designers say that with the help of these types of decoration you can create a unique style and add an unusual texture to the space.

5. Minimalism

Most residents of large cities prefer minimalism and simplicity. Despite the widespread opinion, it is quite difficult to create a functional minimalist design. In most cases, only very experienced designers are capable of this, most of whom prefer to work in prestigious design agencies. You can quickly arrange the apartment with things in imaginary, but the convenience of life will be minimal, and the mess is constant – that is, it is not a way to create a minimalist design. High -quality minimalist interiors very often are only the privilege of those who can hire the dear designer.

6. Lacked tree

Polished and varnished wood in the interior is a new trend in 2017. So at the moment are considered by many designers working with elite interiors on Manhattan.

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