And you are already offered to build a passive house?

Recently, all environmentally friendly and stable. For many, this is a sign of good and lifestyle that does not harm the planet, but for others there is a more significant reason for love for eco of life – savings. Ecology and savings have recently go hand in hand, because prices for everything are growing, and mother nature continues to offer free resources, the main thing is only to learn how to collect them. A passive house is an example of how to use her gifts for free to nature for free. Today we will tell you about what architects and some builders about this issue say.

Sometimes you can hear about passive houses, speaking of which people often draw parallels with ecology. Such houses are really environmentally friendly, but their main task is to be a place for a person that saves money in a wallet. First of all, the passive house saves by reducing the heat loss of the structure. So, you can order projects of houses from a profiled timber or from glued beams, for example, the company has three builders. These will be good houses in which you can live and have fun, but most importantly – the tree is the first material in the list that reduces heat loss, which means it is perfect for the basis of a passive house. Although thermal insulation to you, one way or another, will need the task of maintaining heat inside to be carried out one hundred percent.

In general, the reduction of heat loss is only the first task of a passive house, although the main. The construction itself should be compactly and qualitatively designed in such a way that not only the cold bridges, but also unnecessary spaces are absent, which need to be spent on resources. A passive house suggests that you are given as much space as you need, and not more, which means that you do not spend the excess on heating, cooling, lighting, etc.P. Zoning, location of windows in relation to the sun and shadow side and many other factors are part of the design of a passive eco house. To this can be added its own electricity production or water production based on solar panels, wind stations, wells, geothermal plants and other devices.

The perfect passive house is extremely difficult to create. This requires an experienced architect who is familiar with the direction and can take into account all the features of the construction site, family and many other factors in the design of the building. Such architects build houses that do not consume someone else’s energy or water, without depriving the tenants of all the usual amenities. It seems to you this is a utopia, but this is a reality that is embodied everywhere, especially among the experts of the industry in the United States.  Nevertheless, each of us can at least adhere to some rules of passive construction at least at the basic level, which in any case will help us save.

Thus, when you build your home, think about how to make it in the least dependent on electricity and other resources. Let him breathe, but keep warm in winter and be bright, but chilled in summer. It is quite possible to achieve this if you use the right materials, the correct architecture and a good working brigade.

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