Alexei Wells Photography: proposals for wedding photography

One of the important wedding traditions is a photo shoot, which allows you to capture the most significant and bright moments of the ceremony. To obtain high-quality images, you will need the services of a professional with experience and reliable equipment. Among London-based artists, Alexei Wells Photography is worth highlighting.

Services provided

The photographer works in the field of wedding photography, can conduct sessions of festive events, official ceremonies, shoot pre-wedding romantic stories, engagements. He offers the following prices for his services:

  1. Hour and a half engagement photography sessions for £250. This service is only available in London.
  2. A romantic story in the city or countryside, where four hours’ work costs £650. This type of filming can be carried out throughout England.
  3. An hourly session costs the client £150. The time period can be from an hour to three. This option is only available in London.
  4. A five-hour wedding photo shoot costs £800.
  5. A full day’s work takes 10 hours of shooting, and the photographer estimates it at £1,500.
  6. Luxury photo session is 12 hours for 2000 pounds with the provision of a free hour-long engagement shoot, discounts on the production of a photo album.

The photographer provides processed photographs. Their number depends on the working time, the usual number is 70 photos per hour of session. To better learn about all the possibilities and bonuses, you should study more information on .

Features of the photo shoot

An important distinguishing feature of Alexey is his acquaintance with the newlyweds during a personal meeting before the wedding ceremony and festive events. In such a situation, he talks about the principles and methods of his work, listens to all the wishes of his clients. A plan for the photo shoot is drawn up together. Also at the meeting, the master tries to relax the customers and find human contact with them, which is very helpful during work.

Alexey films the official ceremony in every detail, being on the sidelines and not disturbing the participants. He is able to determine the most important moments, captures them from the right angles, catching people’s emotions that correspond to the situation.

During the celebration, the master creates staged shots in a certain style, or captures live moments with immediate emotions in order to present the event in the most vivid and varied way.

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