Advantages of the house with the pool

Regular visit to the pool is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle, a source of energy and vitality. You can talk endlessly about the benefits of water and swimming. But we better pay attention to a narrower and more interesting question: how much the pool is needed in a private house?

Many mistakenly believe that this is just an attribute of luxury, useless and difficult to care for a hydraulic design, which is used only from time to time. In fact, this is not so. After all, projects of cottages with a pool have a lot of advantages compared to visiting sports and fitness centers.

10 arguments for “for”

Ready -made projects of houses with a pool are:

one. The ability to start with swimming every day. This is useful not only for health, but also to the emotional state. The pool in the house forms a good habit, gives a charge of good mood and vigor for the whole day ahead.

2. Safe bathing guarantees. Sanitary conditions and hygiene in an individual basin are much higher than in public. There are no strangers here, and you know exactly what quality water has.

3. Eternal vacation and relaxation. It is not necessary to plan the next vacation with an individual pool, you do not need to think about how to arrange a fun party, and go for several hours by traffic jams to the reservoir for the weekend. The finished decision for relaxation and entertainment is always with you “under the side”.

four. Happy children. A child who does not love to swim is a rarity. Individual pool will be a great gift for children for life. Here you can learn to swim in a calm home atmosphere, strengthen immunity, get an invaluable experience and have fun with friends. Such a childhood is excellent memories for life.

5. Improving sleep. Only 10-15 minutes of bathing before bedtime, for which you will not go a few kilometers, and all stress and tension of the day will be removed with your hand. And what else is needed for a healthy and strong sleep?

6. Good family traditions. Having an individual pool, you can easily get some cheerful, and a useful custom. For example, a daytime match in Waterpolo or Brace swim competitions.

7. Always good physical form. Living in a house with a pool, you can forget about going to the gym. Swimming, aquaerobics, physiotherapy exercises in water – now, in order to engage in these sports and maintain a good form, you do not need either a subscription or a coach.

eight. Real salvation on a sultry day. No contrast shower, bath or even the split system that works at the full power does not refresh in the heat as a dive into the pool. And it costs a lot.

9. Highlight in your house. Having your own covered pool is not only pleasant, but also prestigious. And if you can afford it, then why not actually?

ten. The rise in the cost of your real estate. Building a house with a pool is good investments. Even having spent a lot of money, you will still win in the cost of the cottage.

The argument is “against” at the same time – only one – the costs of the device. However, you can easily choose the opitmal project in the cost of implementation. After all, there are a lot of similar solutions today.

The material wrote and posted the press service A1-Dom

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