A little about ventilation of a wooden house with your own hands

Ventilation in a wooden house is nothing more than a regular exchange of air masses throughout the area. It is required for a constant comfortable microclimate in rooms. The installation of ventilation raises the degree of comfort of living and ensures the safety of the room itself.


Previously, wooden houses did not need additional accessible ventilation in the basement. The material for such construction missed the required amount of air. The presence of cracks on the doors and window frames was filled with fresh air at home, and the chimney folded on clay with sand performed the functions of the hood. Natural ventilation of any construction is real in the presence of a difference in pressure and temperature from the outside and inside the building. Therefore, the efficiency of ventilation at lower temperatures is greater.

To date, the installation of ventilation in a wooden house during construction is already necessary. The use of completely different materials and technologies, as well as plastic window systems, already requires ventilation. Without it, the room will turn out to be almost tight. On the one hand, this is a big plus, t. to. Heat energy does not go outside. But, on the other hand, do not forget about ventilation. Fresh air does not enter the fully sealed building. The ventilation device in a wooden house can be presented in the form of forced or natural ventilation.Forced ventilation is relatively noisy and require the connection of electricity. Natural – almost silent and economical.


With your own hands, ventilation of a wooden house is developed in the design process, having exhaust channels directly inside the wall. The basic principles of effective ventilation should be followed. It is necessary to learn the most important thing: the exhaust duct is displayed on the roof as high as possible. The higher the pipe, the stronger the thrust will be – and this will lead to a better and quick air exchange. When selecting the material, make sure that the internal walls of the channels are smooth and the same in cross section along the entire length – it is to reduce the resistance to air movement. In a wooden house, you can not perform channels for ventilation of brick or other material, it is easier to use channel blocks that have all the required characteristics.

The hood of the canal should save the room from contaminated air, while the holes are cut out in the walls of the canal, in which the lattices are installed. The ventilation system is gradually clogged and periodically needs to be cleaned. For easier cleaning, sealed viewing windows are mounted in the channel.

When installing ventilation in a wooden house and using an exhaust channel, it is sometimes not required to organize supply ventilation. Fresh air enters through various leaks. If you want a greater air flow of air, the supply ventilation is mounted similarly by exhaust. The only thing that the openings of the air fence must be placed at the level of the first floor. It is also necessary to install a lattice and blinds on the air intake to regulate temperature indicators in the room and ventilation intensity.

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