A list of innovative products that can change green construction in 2017

This selection of environmentally friendly products from the 15th international list of Buildinggreen Top Products, which was recently presented at GreenBuild Expo (exhibition, which was held from October 5 to 7 in Los Angeles). Experts believe that the allocated products can affect housing construction, which is focused on reducing environmental impacts.

A selection of new environmentally friendly products is carried out by experts on the basis of their assumptions about the potential of these products to change how we build houses, infrastructure, cottage villages, etc.P. Builders and designers of green projects can use this collection.

This year, this year, products that affect different aspects of construction are presented, starting from the conservation of electricity and ending with the replacement of traditional materials with their green and healthy alternatives. Some of them will list below.

The list of ACCSYS Technologies has ACCOYA lumber Accoya. The company starts with steadily prepared wood for its lumber. The production uses a non -toxic acetylation process, which makes the product more stable and durable. The wood has a FSC and PEFC certificates, as well as the gold certificate of Cradle to Cradle (Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold is considered the most authoritative evidence that the company complies with the principles of environmental responsibility in the development of new products). Accoya lumber is protected from all types of insects, including termites. These materials are suitable for different purposes, including street flooring, windows, doors, cladding and structural components. Accoya acetylated wood is processed so that it remains stable, unacceptable for insects and moisture -resistant material for a long time. The product will not absorb water, swell or contract. In this case, the material is free from chemicals.

Hyperpure pipes made of bimodal polyethylene were also allocated. They do everything too, that PVC and PEX pipes (with these pipes you can even use fittings, as for the installation of PEX pipes), but these pipes do not have a negative impact on the environment. Legend Valve Hyperpure pipes are subject to secondary processing, they are economically effective and do not leave any chemical flavors in the water.

Standard textiles can be harmful to the environment, for example, due to its production, many dyes are in the rivers. Therefore, Designtex products fell into the list as a textile of an innovative company that explores and develops textiles with a reduced environmental impact. The company has more than 8 thousand certified stable materials developed for different purposes. And you can choose these materials based on a huge number of criteria, including on the basis of specific certificates, chemicals, logistics or optimized chemistry.

The list also includes bio-microbial plums of rainwater with D-rand-rain filters for controlling wastewater (a simple inexpensive system for directing water drainage for the better, with the possibility of capturing deposits in water through a filter).

Other products on the list: ventilated facades Securock Exoair 430, hybrid Ion -shaped Aquion storage of sea water, commercial electric municipal mowers Mean Green, a toilet system with a composting function of Phoenix (turns a person’s waste into a bio -chamber, does not smell, requires cleaning 1 Once a month, it looks like a regular bio-ground, but has strict certificates).

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