A Colombian drug ship was detained in Spain

Spanish police intercepted a large shipment of drugs from Latin America. According to law enforcement agencies, 4.5 tons of cocaine were found on a cargo ship traveling from Colombia and transporting cattle.

A suspicious vessel was stopped 100 kilometers southwest of the Canary Islands earlier this week. 28 crew members were detained. The operation was carried out with the support of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

This group of drug traffickers has attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies for a long time, the investigation has been conducted since 2020, but so far the police have not been able to find evidence.

According to the police, the criminals show ingenuity when it comes to transporting drugs from Latin America to Europe, this time live cattle were used to make it difficult to detect them (illegal cargo was hidden among animal feed).

It is worth noting that the sea route from South America to Europe is one of the main routes of drug traffickers. Earlier this month, Spanish authorities detained another ship, which also had 4.5 tons of cocaine on board.

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